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The Dubrovnik area is known for its pleasant climate provides the possibility of sailing throughout the year. The special beauty of sailing during the summer months offers visits to the islands in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, called Elafiti.This island group consists of islands Koločep, Lopud, Šipan and several smaller uninhabited islands. Untouched nature with rocky shore and sandy beaches and the beautiful Adriatic Sea are proofs of the last untouched preserved nature in the Mediterranean.

The idyllic image of island fishing villages with good food, wine, good-humored people and a rich historical culture features the personality of Elaphite.


Šipan is the largest and most desirable island in the Elaphite group. The Dinaric direction of the island providing an area of ​​16 square kilometers gives it the highest title in the Elaphite group. are also the only inhabited. There are 42 villas on the island and 34 churches have been renovated and the castle of Vice Stjepović Skočibuhe is reconstructed, proof that this oasis of peace and beauty is known in the time of the Dubrovnik estate. It is covered with Mediterranean vegetation and cultures; olives, figs, grapevines, rods and carnivores that give a special scent to the waves of its surface. The island’s fascination is that it has entered the Guinness Book of Records with the announcement of olive trees in relation to its size and population. Šipan is a quiet island on which crowd of rare occurrences, endless landscapes, gorgeous architecture and good food.


Lopud is the second largest island of Elaphite, situated between the island of Sipan and the island of Koločep.

On the western side of the island is a village of the same name with numerous medieval fortresses and Hotel Lafodia, while on the eastern side of the island there is a beautiful beach Šunj, which is inevitable place for all hikers and boaters. The largest island is Polačica at 216m above sea level a beautiful sight on the horizon and the nearby islands. Lopud is also the most developed island with 24 chapels, as in the history of the inhabitants, they built chapels near their houses.

A tranquil island full of natural and historical beauty that does not make anyone dejected during a visit.


The island of Koločep is the picturesque island of Elaphite closest to Dubrovnik, only 5km away from Dubrovnik harbor Gruž.

On the island are two settlements located in the two largest coves on the island of Gornje Čelo on the north side and Donje Čelo on the west side of the island connecting the winding promenade for 3 km long. It is one of the most indented islands on the Adriatic with a multitude of hidden coves and the Blue Cave floating.Koločep is known for its fertile soil and it is the island of fishermen and coral. It is also rich in cultural and historical monuments, old taverns where you can taste traditional island delicacies and various recreational contents.

Beat the beauty of the island after reminding you, you will want to come back again